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 Here is a picture of the front of the building

Back area reception hall before the new windows were installed 

The second floor was actually 8 apartments  before we changed it to the bar area & kitchen

We had to move a lot of old doors and contents before we could even start  Demolition 


We dropped the floor in 15 foot sections

As you can see the sections of floor were dropped from the second level and cut into pieces for the dumpster

We installed all new TGI rafters so we could hold 115 pounds per s.f.

We had to demo a  solid concrete staircase.

We had to cut the rebar with a torch

This is a picture of us after a hard day of work

It's coming down slowly but everybody is safe.

The walls were coated with 4 coates of epoxy paint

We soda blasted all the brick walls to the natural finish.

It got so thick in the building we could not even see in front of us.

The final product was amazing!!!!

We sealed all the rafters with a black sealant

This area will be an office and part of the dj booth.

This is a picture of the second floor with all walls framed up with metal studs

We stained the concrete and sealed it with three coates of sealer.

looks awesome